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It all starts with a connection...

Our Motto is : "Business helping businesses through business workshops, events and fundraising opportunities" in which networking is a side effect.

We are happy to have you here... 
Come join us at our next meeting and learn key business skills and share what value your business bring to other professionals. Do you want to be a better leader, make better decisions, or get better business results? Our meetings will be filled with business information you can use, networking opportunities, key speakers, and annoucements for events.
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What do we do?
Each professional development workshop is created for business owners from all industries and career levels and provides a learning atmosphere to market themselves and/or their company with some of San Diego's top business owners. Events are created for professionals who want to expand their network and create new business opportunities. 
We provide a friendly welcoming environment, that is non-exclusive, for everyone to share and grow business skills to be more successful in their profession. The SDBA does not hold a membership requirement, but at each meeting you get an opportunity not just to be seen but to be heard. We encourage everyone to give us their ideas on the night’s topic.
What makes us unique and different is the ability to implement the skills that you learned directly into your daily business. A side effect of the meetings is to be able to build relationships and connect with people on a professional level.

Why should you attend? 
Each workshop is an opportunity to expand your business skills, were we will be covering a topic that may help you become more efficent in your business. We will help you identify the "value" that your business brings to others. When you build relationships and by becoming involved with other same minded professionals who think about your business first. For this to happen you need to take time to develop a "core" group of professionals that you feel comfortable referring and using yourself. This takes time, patience and trust.


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